Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the site called ‘The Greenhouse’?

Just like an actual greenhouse where plants tended and nurtured, The Greenhouse allows our clients to have an avenue to “take care” of their off-shore team by showing their appreciation for their hard work.

Can I select a gift but have it on a separate invoice (i.e. Personally)?

Yes. In the check out page below the total cost, choose “Personal Billing” and our finance team will be in touch with you regarding your preferred payment option.

How do I select a gift for teams?

• Browse through the TEAM GIFTS category, choose the gift that you would like to give to your team.
• Select the denomination. (A price reference is noted in the description for team gifts.)
• Proceed to Checkout and review your total purchase.
• Fill out the required details.
• Choose your preferred billing option.
• Then place your order.

When will the gift be delivered? Will I be notified when the gift is delivered?

The gift will be delivered to your team member’s workstation within 2 to 3 business from order confirmation. You will receive an email once your order has been completed along with photos of your team member/s receiving the gift.

Why is GST in the price if this is in the Philippines?

As we are billing fees to and from Australian companies, we need to add GST to the price. This is built into the prices shown on the site. In this way, our clients won’t have to deal with transferring funds to Philippines currency.

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